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Flying Dragon Attack

Survival Game

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Experience an unparalleled adventure in the world of dragons with the Flying Dragon Attack Survival Game Simulator. In this offline dragon fight game, you will embark on multiple missions to hunt down dangerous dragons in a deadly dragon war. Prepare to shoot and take down both the fearsome quasar dragon and fire dragons in this thrilling 3D dragon evolution game. Similar to shark attack games, angry dragons will relentlessly follow and attack your vehicle in the forest, forcing you to fight for survival by shooting and hunting them down. With each successful kill, you’ll become a real dragon hunter and gain the experience to face even the fiercest flame dragons.

This game offers a unique gameplay experience, combining the excitement of shooting and hunting dragons with modern guns and the challenge of surviving dragon attacks. With different shooting ranges and realistic shooting dragon sounds, you’ll feel like a true jungle hunting expert. As you progress through multiple challenging levels, you’ll encounter increasingly difficult dragon rivals, making you a skilled flying dragon hunting master.


Unique HD graphics,

Smooth and realistic controls,

Free missions,

This is the best sky dragon hunting game available on the Play Store and IOS. You can unlock additional levels and guns through in-app purchases, but the core game is completely free to play. Don’t miss out on the chance to download and play the Flying Dragon Attack Survival Game Simulator today and experience the thrill of dragon warfare, dragon race, and crazy dragon chase game.

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